Match Report: FK Borac (Šamac) v FK Vrbas (Banja Luka)


Matchday 2 of 2nd division league group West in Republic of Srpska (Bosnia & Herzegovina): On “City stadium” in Šamac, there was played match between FK Borac (Šamac) and FK Vrbas (Banja Luka). The host team was looking for their first points in new season, but not just that. They have no victorious match since May of 2010. FK Borac (est. 1919.) are not in best situation since they were relegated from 1st league two seasons before. On the contrary, guest team, debuting in this league, had shown no respect for their more known opponent.


It was sunny, pleasant weather with a light wind. FK Borac had their traditional black/white sportswear, and FK Vrbas played in red/blue colours.

First half was an open match with many counterattacks, but without real chances in closing moments in front. The away team were slightly better in their creation of game, but had not created real chances to score.



Second half came with totally different style of play. Guests, obviously, have decided to play for a draw, so they made real wall in front of their goalkeeper, hoping to make something from rare counterattacks. Initiative was on home team, which still managed to find many holes in guests wall, but from at least dozens of real opportunities and shoots on goal, they have not scored.


At the end of match, score was 0:0, and big disappointment for fans of FK Borac, guests had left stadium with valuable away draw.
After M`d 2 FK Borac has 1 pt, and FK Vrbas 2pts.

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