Subside Vault – Juventus Centenary Shirt 1997-1998

Remember this classic from the Old Lady? Never was a piece of pink polyester so cool that nearly 15 years later we still get asked for it. With two of the world’s best players in Del Piero and Zinedine Zidane leading the charge, this really was at the height of Serie A hype.

A club centenary needs to be celebrated; perfect powder pink tone, great numbering font and a Sony MiniDisc sponsor (who had one, or wishes they did at the time?).
This was then topped off with incredible quality embroidery – can anyone tell us the stitch count Kappa must have used for Omini logo on this shirt?? Certainly treble anything from the 10-11 season. It was a no-expense-spared homage to Juventus’ heritage.
These were remade under license in 2004, but the Old Legends company has since gone into liquidation, so until Kappa buy the contract from Nike then we’re unlikely to see them again.
Juventus brought out a pink/white shirt again in 2004 but it can’t hold a candle to this in either quality or style. There is a new pink/black shirt for next season… but more on that when we’re allowed to show it (est. July 2011)
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