Premier League Patches – A Short History

Before the Premier League, the English Football league used a sleeve patch from 1989 to 1992, but since the inception of the Premiership then the patches have been supplied commercially by Chris Kay (Fuseon / Lextra patent technology) and subsequently from around 2007, SportingID (Sencilia).

There have been several different versions of the patches released onto the marketplace:
1992-1996 version
1. Lextra material (players)
2. Plastic material (retail / general use)
3. Fabric version *this was normally only used for the players using adidas shirts, where the iron-on Lextra or Plastic versions would not heat seal reliably over the adidas 3-stripes on the sleeve. (eg. Newcastle).
1996-2004 version
1. Lextra
2. Plastic
3. Fabric
2004-2007 version
1. Lextra
2. Plastic
3. Fabric
2007-20xx version
1. Lextra / Sencilia
2. Plastic
3. Fabric
Subside have stocked all versions at one time or another, but we always encourage people to keep to the Lextra or Sencilia players versions where possible. There are a lot of older reproduction (sometimes fake) versions available online, but it is unlikely that the FA will allow official reproduction of the older styles.

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