Team GB Football shirts

The official adidas Team GB football shirt design won’t be released to the public until Spring 2012, but having seen the adidas launch last week we can safely say that this momentous occasion will be supported by the full might of adidas’ design and production team.   Home and Away shirts, mens and ladies football kits tie in with the rest of the official range for on-track/in-pool/on-bike etc.   We’re sworn to secrecy regarding the design, this being the first time we actually had to sign an NDA to even get into the product launch.

Great Britain has stood by and watched other nations enjoy Olympic success.  Given the home advantage, and the guaranteed hype surrounding the choice of manager and players then we’re expecting this adidas Team GB football kit to be a collectors favourite.  Argentina were victorious in Beijing 2008 with a very young team, showcasing an impressive new crop of talent (as well as their old-timers such as Lionel Messi…). Whether TeamGB will select with the same criteria remains to be seen, but it’s a tournament, and it’s here, so interest will be mandatory.  If you’re not into the Olympics, and would rather wait until your team kicks off the real football season, then it might be worth taking a holiday abroad next August.

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