New Poland Euro 2012 kit launch in turmoil

After the official public launch on 9th November, the new Nike Poland football shirt is already in jeopardy.  As co-hosts this strip will receive international exposure like no other previous kit, which appears to have fuelled the Polish FA’s decision to push ahead with the redesign of national team emblem.  As with most national teams in recent times they have taken the commercial decision to switch to a crest that can be trademarked to help distinguish against unlicensed product.  England has the 3 Lions, Italy changed their crest when they moved to Puma, and most recently France updated their logo in 2010, again, when switching brands to Nike from adidas.

However, it would seem that the Polish FA have grossly underestimated the public backlash, and according to local retailers the initial delivery of shirts due on 15th November has been withdrawn indefinitely whilst the Polish FA and Nike discuss their options.

A spokeswoman for the Polish FA said “The white eagle is a national symbol, so we cannot copyright it and anyone can use it.  This is why we put our own logo on the shirts, so only our players and us are allowed to use it”.

This is understandable from a commercial angle, the rise of counterfeit product being sold directly into Europe, predominantly from Asian online companies is a major concern for the industry, but still this switch seems to have been pushed through without first getting public consent and at least the backing of the supporters association and press.

As soon as we hear any more on the launch of this kit then we will let you know.  Until then, if you do spot one of these then it might be a good idea to pick one up… they might well be highly collectable as we wouldn’t bet against Nike having to burn the whole production and re-badging prior to the tournament.

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