Subside Sports Football Shirt of the Year 2011 – THE RESULTS

The votes have been counted, the duplicate votes have been removed, and the 2011 Subside Sports Football Shirt of the Year as voted by you is the 2011 Corinthians 3rd shirt.  Congratulations to the club and Nike for designing such an overwhelming winner, and to Fabricio Nardii from Brazil who won our £250 first prize voucher.


The voting patterns were highly irregular later in the competition, but Dortmund Derby and France Away shirts took a very early lead.   Corinthians 3rd was then introduced by recommendation by several fans, (an admitted oversight from the initial list by us at Subside), it stormed into 1st place within 24 hours.


All hell then broke loose with fan groups around the world voting for their own team kits, along with a record 29 votes from a single person for the Chelsea Home kit (28 votes were removed from the final tally as these were the rules).

River PlatePeru and Benfica all benefitted massively from fan-power, albeit biased purely from a design perspective.

Although we ran a democratic vote, and Corinthians 3rd would have won by anyone’s standards, voting was over 300% up on last year competition.

The history of this Corinthians 3rd shirt has been brought to our attention by Guilherme Medici:

“In 1949, Corinthians played Torino. That game was the last game that il Grande Torino played as the Superga air disaster followed when the whole team died in a plane crash. To commemorate Torino, Corinthians uses Torino’s colors for their third jersey. This shirt is a homage to that team. (Wikipedia)”.  St. George is the patron saint of Corinthians.

For those of you who are interested, this means that since our inaugural year we have now had three different teams win the competition:

2009 Winner – Russia Away Shirt                 Russia_Football_Kit2

Brand – adidas

First Russian adidas kit for many years.  The deeper red and embossed motifs were a massive hit with fans and replica hunters alike.

2010 Winner – Inter Milan Away Shirt


Brand – Nike

The snake has been used a lot by Nike in training and leisurewear for Inter Milan, but the inclusion onto the shirt lifted the design to a WANTED status for most collectors.


Comment – 

Although many purists will want their football shirts to have clean, classic lines, and every team will periodically wheel out the “we wanted to go back to our roots with this classic/retro style”, there is most definitely a proven desire from our clients to go that extra inch and create something highly detailed that include some real emotion.  As is shown, for each of our winners for the past 3 years it has been those shirts with a bolder design that shine through.

Correspondence with many of you over the years tends to show a preference for a safe Home shirt, but that the gloves are completely off for the Away and 3rd kits.  In some cases it will be the Board of Directors at a club that stymy flair, with the big brands paying muzzled designers to churn out bland kits to a budget, but just occasionally they are allowed to run free like Fenton and make something really special….


We’d like to thank you all again for voting this year, and watch this space for new and improved competitions coming soon.

Supporting news posts:,,OI5566804-EI19372,00-Site+aponta+camisa+do+Corinthians+como+mais+bonita+do+mundo.html#tphotos

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