Cantona – The Rebel Who Would Be King

Just finished reading Philippe Auclair’s excellent biography on Eric Cantona. For me the most remarkable aspect of Cantona’s incident packed first life as a footballer was his sudden and unforeseen departure from the game. Auclair documents a career beset with abrupt and unexpected twists and turns yet ultimately one which Cantona proves to be the ultimate master of. While most footballing legends hang on to their fame or assuage their feeling of insecurity by moving into management or TV punditry, Cantona chose to kill off his life as a footballer and begin his 2nd life as an artist with an abruptness and nonchalance as befitting as any of his numerous other spontaneous career-or game-changing manoeuvres. For many, though, it is the memory of that black no. 7 Man Utd retro shirt being led off the Selhurst Park pitch after the infamous Kung-Fu incident that will remain as the lasting image of Cantona’s contribution to the game but there is far, far more to the legend that is Cantona than this incident alone. Eric Cantona: The Rebel Who Would Be King is well worth a read.


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