Britain’s Greatest Football Rivalries

Any football fan relishes derby day. All the banter. all the rivalries come together into ninety minutes of football between two teams who have years have history. Some of the biggest rivals in the UK go back over a century and every fan looks at their team fixtures at the start of the season looking for derby day.

Some research recently carried out by HotelClub has led to them publishing an interactive infographic whereby you can select your own derby and view results over the last twenty games. It has show some big trends and facts which are not always that obvious. For example, did you know that just one goal separates Celtic and Rangers:


This isn’t the only interesting fact, for example did you know that the recent 6-1 win by Man City over Utd is the joint highest derby win in recent history?  This comes despite Utd dominating in recent years and winning most games.  But under new ownership and management, Man City are starting to claw back their pride.

Other teams who have come out of their derby victorious with a 5-goal margin are Brentford (1965), Ipswich town (1998) and Blackburn Rovers (2001).

To take a look at the full graphic and find your own team, head over to HotelClub to read more.

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