The Best and Worst Shirt Printing

With around 600 new shirts per year, 15 years experience, and an infinite variety of kit printing options we have seen all manner of requests from the sublime, through the ridiculous and very much past the obscene. Many we have to turn down, including war criminals and named peodophiles.

In 2012, the Spanish club of Benidorm was dissolved, which presented the opportunity to offer these shirts out at just £7.99. We were hoping, and it transpired that at this knock-down price we attracted many holiday groups, stag parties and college teams to buy and personalise these Umbro kits.

We had already produced two printed shirts, featuring characters from the highly popular TV Series, Sticky Vicky and The Oracle:

However, as always the general public have a far better sense of humour than us, so to share the inspiration here is a list of our Top 5 cheeky favourites to date, but we’d love to hear some other suggestions from you.

1. Gorgon Zola 9

2. Don Key 13

3. Rackasaurus 13

4. A. Hole 13

5. Müller Lite 6

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