Italy Home Shirt 2014 2015

“Dutch pink and Italian blue” so sang Diana Krall, covering the distinctive Tom Waits number and we think this latest offering for Gli Azzurri is more than enough to tempt their fans.

Worn for the first time in their friendly match against Spain Wednesday 5th March, Puma have found the right balance of style & functionality for a nation known for it’s design and fashion sense. A slim fit and a tailored collar are combined with intricate design details. The tailored looking crest and exclusive FIGC font are inspired by traditional Italian craftsmanship.

Buffon, the Italian National Football Team Captain said, “I’m impressed with the new Italy shirts, the design is strong and has a true Italian feel. The new PUMA PWR ACTV tape technology is going to ensure that we are physically equipped to perform at our best. It’s a really nice touch that the shirts will go on tour around Italy for the nation to show their support for us. When the tour concludes, we will have a great symbol of support as we leave for Brazil and prepare to make Italy proud.”

Puma continue, “Gli Azzurri are one of the most successful national football teams ever. The team began their epic journey in 1910, but it was during the 1930s that they set their dominant legacy into motion. During these years, they won two FIFA World Cup™ titles and Olympic™ gold. The team continued to have periodic victories but their win in 2006 was epic: it added a fourth star to their team badge. Since our partnership began in 2003, PUMA has provided kit designs that complement Gli Azzurri’s inherent style and winning tradition. Through heritage-inspired product design and forward-thinking product solutions, PUMA recognizes that blue is more than just a color: Blue is a legacy of its own.

“In Italy, blue is more than a color. Blue is a way of life. It’s handed down through the generations. It represents a tradition of hopes and trophies and stars. In Italy, blue is always ready for more. So is this shirt. It’s built on the belief that anything can happen. Believing is in its nature. Forza Azzurri.”

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