Football Shirt of the Year 2014 – The Results

A big thank you again to everyone who cast their vote for our 2015 Shirt of the Year award and for the many comments & contributions. The runaway winner this year with almost a quarter of the overall vote was – perhaps not surprisingly given the combination of groundbreaking design, prominent designer, huge fan base and global publicity – the Real Madrid 3rd shirt. Yohji Yamamoto’s Japanese serpent design has so far achieved nothing but acclaim and, depending on team success at the end of the season, could go onto become a true cult-classic.

1st Place: Real Madrid 3rd Shirt………..………24.52%
2nd Place: FC Madureira Shirt………………….18.15%
3rd Place: Bayern Munich Home Shirt……..…..8.11%


2nd and 3rd place Shirts
The runner-up this year with 18% of the vote was the FC Madureira GK Shirt proving that you don’t necessarily need to have the budget, fame or fanbase of Real Madrid to come up with a strong design – although a legendary icon such as Che Guevara featuring in the design does certainly help. In 3rd place with 8% of the vote was the Bayern Munich Home Shirt. With many similarities to the 95-96 home shirt worn by Klinsmann, Papin & Matthäus this design has gone down extremely well with voters.


The competition prize winner for the first randomly selected winning vote is Mr. Dennis A. whose entry is found below:
“For the “Football Shirt of the Year 2014″ I would definitely vote for Real Madrid’s third jersey. It is a contrast to their always white Home kit and the flaming pink away they’re using this year. Usually when you think of black shirts you think of dull and opaque but not this jersey. The dragon watermark makes this the shirt the most outstanding of the three because it breaks away from the usual template. The dragon highlights what Real Madrid is all about, world appeal, strength and mystique. Much like the role of dragons in East Asian culture, Real Madrid has gained an aura of legends and myths. This is my pick for the shirt of the year.” Thank you, Dennis A.


The second prize went to Vincent A., who on Christmas Day elected this Chivas Guadalajara 3rd Shirt that had missed our attention.


Please keep checking the site for all the latest releases, and start deciding on your 2015 nominations!

The Subside Team

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