Jamaica, Celebrities and Football

Think of Bob Marley and your mind goes straight to his long dreadlocks, bouncing reggae rhythms and some of the best loved songs around, but did you know that Bob was also a great lover of the beautiful game?

It’s said that wherever he was, there was always a football not too far away.

His talents are disputed, with some saying he could have played professionally had he focussed solely on football however others were not quite so optimistic about his prospects. It is said that Bob Marley wanted to take his passion for the game further than just a kick about in the park and look into a more professional sphere.


He was an avid Santos fan and had a particular admiration for Brazilian legend, Pele.

It seems to have been a toss up between the world seeing  Bob Marley the footballer or Bob Marley the musician. Ultimately however it was the game he loved so much that factored in his death.


After receiving a foot injury in a football match, Marley realised the wound was not healing. He was diagnosed with Melanoma, a rare form of cancer. In the Rastafarian faith, amputation is seen as sinful. As a result the toe was not amputated and Marley died aged just 36.

There is, however, another famous Jamaican with a famous love for football, Usain Bolt.


Bolt has a famous passion for football and has dreams of playing for Manchester United. He has trained with Borussia Dortmund and seems to have his sights set on a professional career in football. There was even talk of him playing for the Jamaican Olympic football team.

Unlike Bob Marley however, Usain Bolt has technology at his fingertips. He has phoned into the Manchester United TV phone line to comment on a performance already and is now set for a debut on a games console.

Yes! Usain Bolt will be a playable character for the Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 game. Not a bad option on the wing maybe.


Whether Bob Marley could have played professionally we may never know, we’re still glad we have his music still.

As for Usain Bolt as a player? Well, lets just wait and see!

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