Ronaldo Rumours and free beer for life!

Every year there are crazy transfer rumours and every year there are rumours surrounding Ronaldo.

This year though, the Ronaldo rumours seem to have some weight behind them.


Ronaldo’s career at Real Madrid has been incredible. Full of goals and full of trophies.Yet despite this, every year he is linked with a number of clubs.

This year it could be different though. Upset at being accused of tax fraud, Ronaldo now seems more set than ever to leave the Spanish giants, Real Madrid. His decision is said to be ‘irreversible’ and reports suggest he has asked his agent, Jorge Mendes, to force through a ‘dream move’.

But where would he go?

PSG are reportedly prepared to pay £26 million a year to persuade him to go to the French capital.

Of course, the famous line is that he will return to Manchester United, the second coming. This is something we hear every year it seems. Real Madrid have been trying to sign Utd keeper De Gea for a few years now. Maybe a deal could include a player swap? Plus a big lump of cash from Utd too of course. Rumours suggest Mourinho isn’t so keen on signing the star player, saying Ronaldo is ‘past his best’. With 6 trophies in the past year alone it’s hard to see how this can be true.


Bayern Munich have officially ruled themselves out of the running, with the Club President calling the rumours of them signing Ronaldo the ‘Hoax of the day’

Bolton Wanderers have also officially ruled themselves out. Millwall away would certainly be a change for Ronaldo. Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 15.30.55

German club, Fortuna Koln play in the third tier of German football. They may not have the cash for Ronaldo but they have offered him ‘Free beer for life’. With an athletic physique such as Ronaldo’s I’m not sure he drinks too much beer anyway. Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 16.26.29

It’s very possible and also quite likely that Ronaldo will stay at Real Madrid again this year. Especially with his reported, eye-watering, €1 billion release clause. However, there is always a small chink of hope that we might see him back in the Premier League once again.

Whatever happens, it will certainly be an interesting saga to watch and who knows, one day we may see Ronaldo back at Old Trafford, looking in the dressing room mirror and banging free kicks into the top corner.

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