How much would the record breaking signings be worth today?

Transfer fees are getting higher and higher. It’s only a matter of time before we see the first £150 million or even £200 million player. It was only 38 years ago the first million pound player was bought, Trevor Francis sold to Nottingham Forest.

With this in mind, we look back at some of the transfers over the years for some of the best players ever and how much (roughly) they would cost in today’s money.

The money conversion is roughly how much each player would cost in today’s money compared to back when they were transferred. It is a rough guide of how much some of the greatest players would cost now a days.

Johan Cruyff – £11.1 Million


Johan Cruyff signed for Barcelona from Ajax in 1973 for, a then world record, £922,000. A hefty sum back then but now it seems quite insignificant. It would translate roughly to £11.1 million. Another small fee in today’s terms. For a player such as Cruyff this seems like an absolute steal!

Maradona – £10.5 Million


Maradona is the only player to have broken the transfer record twice. The first time was when he moved from Boca Juniors to Barcelona for £3 million. One of the greatest players in the world, any team would be glad to have him, and at roughly £10 million in today’s money he’d be an absolute steal for any team. You could get around 7 Maradona’s for 1 Lukaku.

Baggio – £18.2 Million


In 1990, Roberto Baggio moved from Fiorentina to Juventus for £8 million at the time. This translates roughly to £18.2 million in today’s money. That’s less than Bournemouth recently paid for defender Nathan Ake. The Ballon d’Or winner and World Cup runner up would be an asset to any team and at under £20 million, a bargain too.

Ronaldo – £23.3 Million


Ronaldo moved from PSV Eindhoven to Barcelona in 1992 for £13.2 million. He has a very full trophy cabinet including 2 World Cups and 2 Ballon d’Or’s. Considered one of the best players ever, he surely would be a star player at any team. In today’s money, £23.3 million, you could get just under 4 Ronaldo’s for 1 Paul Pogba.

Alan Shearer – £26.4 Million


Alan Shearer is still the Premier League’s top goal scorer despite not having played in the Premier League since 2006. He signed for Newcastle Utd from Blackburn for £15 million, a world record at the time but just £26.4 million in today’s money. Any team would be glad to have such a prolific goalscorer in their team.


Obviously none of these transfer could happen and it’s just speculation but it makes for interesting reading. Add all these players together and you’d still be able to buy Paul Pogba with around £1 million change. That’s quite impressive for some of the greatest players ever.



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