Deadline Day Deals

Transfer Deadline Day is full of crazy offers, strange transfers and players driving up and down the country.

Clubs rush to get the last minute deals through before the window closes, here we take a look at some of the best Deadline Day deals.


Danny Welbeck – Arsenal

Welbeck join1060725ed Arsenal in the late hours of deadline day in 2014. A Promising, young England star, things were looking good and in March 2015 he scored against Man Utd to knock them out of the FA Cup. However, as seems to always be the way with young England players, he kept getting injured and spent most of the next season out with a knee problem. He did score on the opening day of the 2017/18 Premier League.

Luis Suarez – Liverpool

106071831/01/2011 was a busy day in the Premier League. David Luiz to Chelsea and Suarez to Liverpool. Strangely though, he wasn’t the most expensive player Liverpool signed that day. Suarez was signed for £22.8 million whilst Andy Carroll was signed for £35 million. Never far from controversy, Suarez did well at Liverpool, scoring 82 goals in 133 appearances. In 2014 he left for Barcelona and has been a main feature in their team since.


Wayne Rooney – Manchester United

1060715Rooney left for Manchester United, in 2004, just 18 years old for £25 million, the, then, highest amount paid for a player under 20. His first start for United was a 6-2 win in the Champions League, in which he scored a hat trick becoming the youngest player to score a Champions League hat trick. Rooney has broken records left, right and centre and has more than paid back his £25 million fee.


Fernando Torres – Chelsea

1060703.jpgTorres was on fire when he played at Liverpool. He was the first person since Fowler to score 20+ goals in one season. Unsurprisingly then, other clubs came sniffing around. Then, on 31 January 2011 (again) he signed for Chelsea for a massive £50 million. Things didn’t quite work out at Chelsea however, he scored 36 less goals for Chelsea in 30 more matches. Now at Atletico he seems to have found his groove again.


Deadline Day is always exciting, seeing who your club might sign and praying the star player doesn’t get sold.

31st August and 1st January every year are nail-biting, screen watching, celebrating days, and always will be.

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