Some iconic England World Cup shirts.

It’s 2018 which means just one thing, it’s World Cup year!

World Cup year means new shirts and that results in lots of excitement and thoughts of glory.

More often than not with England though, any thoughts of winning the World Cup are soon washed away after a dismal draw and the familiar sting of elimination.

However, every tournament is different, they couldn’t do it this time…could they?

After the launch of the latest England kit, we look back at some of the most iconic shirts from some of the most iconic tournaments over the years.


England Home 1997-1999

Appearing at the World Cup in France 1998, this iconic shirt was worn by players such as Shearer, Beckham, Ferdinand, Scholes and Sheringham. Perhaps most famously, it was worn by Michael Owen as he burst away from two Argentine defenders and put the ball into the top corner. Unfortunately, England lost the game on penalties and were knocked out but this shirt still looks great.



England Home 1990

Italia 90 is still one of the most viewed television events and the England kit was printed with some legendary names for the tournament, including, Robson, Lineker, Butcher, Pearce and Gascoigne. An incredible England team but they could only make it to the Semi final stage where, predictably, they lost on penalties to Germany. This shirt is still iconic however and is still often seen at modern day friendlies and tournaments. It’s a fairly simple design but not simple enough to be boring.  It still looks great today so expect to see it in the crowds in Russia this summer.



England Home 2002

Another iconic England shirt to be matched to another iconic England moment. England needed a draw against Greece to make it to the World Cup. 2-1 down in the 93rd minute until Beckham stepped up and banged in a free kick. 2-2 and England are off to the World Cup. This shirt is now synonymous with 2 famous England moments. Beckham running to the corner flag after sending England to the World Cup and England looking dejected as Ronaldinho embarasses Seaman with his 35 yard free kick. Still, this is another timeless shirt that just looks great. It will surely make another appearance among fans at every World Cup.



England Away 1966

This shirt isn’t the best looking, just an, of its time, red shirt with an England badge. However, it is certainly one of the most iconic England shirts, the shirt England wore when they won the World Cup on home soil. This shirt will always be associated with the famous image of Bobby Moore receiving the World Cup from the Queen and lifting it on the Wembley turf. This is another shirt that will forever be seen being worn by the England fans at World Cup games.



England have had some cracking kits over the years, it’s just a shame they haven’t had many cracking results to match. Surely winning the World Cup at Russia 2018 is still a step too far for them. Then again, this is football, anything can happen!

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